Bikram Yoga

This class is taught by:

Ryan Beck

Ryan began his Bikram yoga practice here in San Luis Obispo; hearing about it from friends he decided to check it out for himself. He loved the way it opened and loosened up his body – from years of dancing he had become tight, especially in the back of the knees. He really likes the fact that no matter where you come from, who you are, male or female, everyone is in the same class together doing their best.

Ryan went to teacher training in Palm Desert, California, spring of 2009. He teaches Bikram yoga to “give back” what it has done for him. He especially enjoys teaching when everyone moves together, feeling the rhythm and consistency of the group which creates a good energy in the room.

Outside of the yoga studio Ryan is raising a family. He also owns and teaches 25 classes a week at his dance studio: Studio @ - Ryan’s American Dance. www.ryansamericandance.com

Message to you the student:

“GO! Don’t hesitate to get into the posture. Don’t worry, your body will find the right way.”

Dick Winn

I was introduced to yoga in 2009. Not long after I began practicing yoga I worked with one of the last direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda. Two years later I first practiced yoga in heat.

I discovered vitality I had not experienced in some time -- through coordinating breathing with my postures. My mind became more calm. What was most powerful for me was the impact of rhythmic breathing during postures for the entire ninety minutes of class. With my diligent practice I have found inner peace, and healthy lifestyle changes.

I practice almost daily, and through teaching hope to pass along the many benefits of yoga in heat, including the motivation to live a more balanced, peaceful life from the inside out. It is my hope that students will experience a calm presence and joy in a spontaneous and natural way. "When teaching, I like to focus on calm breathing, which in turn helps students reconnect with the power of stillness, and to just be."

Inette Linstead

I attended several Native American sweat lodges several years ago. A friend in one of them suggested I try Bikram yoga in March 2006. I was hooked!

I love that it is physically challenging. I also liked that this yoga helped me to breathe in a meditative and rhythmic way – helping me to stay internally calm, even when experiencing intensity externally. When I practice Bikram yoga, I no longer have “monkey mind,” no inner dialogue. It brings me right into the moment. I love the heat. Practicing yoga makes me happy.

Bikram yoga has taught me humility, acceptance, and surrender. I have worked as a licensed nurse for twenty-two years. Three years ago I decided to attend nine weeks of teacher training, taking two 90-minute classes a day, as well as classroom instruction. “I gained a deeper understanding of the postures and the practice,” I enjoy teaching yoga, too. “I get so much from practicing Bikram yoga, I love sharing my passion for it with students, and see them grow in mental focus, physical strength, and flexibility.” My message to students: “Comparison is the thief of joy; I would suggest not to compare your practice to anyone else's but your own. Show up on your mat and keep trying.”

Laura Bowman

Bio Coming Soon

Carly Frederick

Carly attended and graduated teacher training in the fall of 2011.  She is a Fresno native who previously pursued a professional ballet career in Seattle, Nashville and Portland. After retiring from her ballet career, she settled in Portland and studied horticulture, becoming involved in farms and nurseries. In 2006, Carly returned to Fresno to be closer to her family and discovered Bikram yoga. After practicing for four years at Blue Moon she was inspired and encouraged to become an instructor. Carly also teaches ballet and performs with Shirley Winter's Ballet School. When Carly is not at the studio she enjoys surfing, hiking and sunshine.

Upcoming classes:

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