Christy Nosti

Christy's first Bikram yoga class was at the SLO Bikram studio on Halloween in 2004 where everyone was dressed up in costume. From the beginning she knew this yoga was special! Before Bikram she had tried several different styles of yoga, but always felt too inflexible to receive any benefits. Christy began her Bikram practice after running two marathons; experiencing injuries she needed something to challenge her without the severe impact on her body. “After leaving my first class completely soaked in sweat, I was hooked!” She kept going back because she felt her body changing in positive ways. Feeling more energetic, running became easier and she could focus more during college courses. “Overall, I felt amazing”. The main reason Christy loves Bikram yoga is for the awareness it brings to all aspects of her life: the strong mind-body connection allows even deeper union to her heart and soul.

Christy attended teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii in the spring of 2007. She loves sharing Bikram yoga and enjoys seeing people transform their lives in positive ways.

Christy loves being outside, eating good food and traveling. When she’s not practicing yoga you can find her mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and most recently enjoying being a new Mom as of (8/31/15) to her son Nolan.

Message to you the student: “Yoga is a process and you must be true to yourself to reach your full potential.”

Christy Nosti is currently not instructing any classes.