Maggi Waikel

Maggi began her Bikram yoga practice here, in San Luis Obispo, in August of 2005. A friend of hers talked her into it; after much hesitation she finally said YES. Maggi immediately fell in love with the yoga. “I loved that all sorts of people were in the room practicing together, it gave me hope that I could do it too.” With encouraging teachers she witnessed her body transforming in incredible ways. “I love Bikram yoga because it remains constant while my whole being continues to grow, change, and improve with practice. It allows me to strive towards my maximum potential, my full range.”
Maggi went to teacher training in Los Angeles, CA, spring 2011. She loves teaching Bikram yoga because it’s so fun to share this yoga with others. “…to share my love and belief in this yoga with them, with all the hopes that they just keep coming back and allow themselves time to grow, to open, to fall in love with it.”
Message to you the student: “Practice, practice, practice. Believe this yoga can work for you because I know it can.”
Outside of the yoga studio Maggi loves the beach, hanging out with friends, wandering around, just enjoying. She also loves movies and reads a lot.

Maggi Waikel is currently not instructing any classes.