Lisa Starr

Lisa began her Bikram Yoga practice in 1994, at both Yoga Source Palo Alto and Bikram’s studio in San Francisco. Her nursing friends were regular Bikram yogis and frequently asked Lisa to join them; after numerous attempts to get her in a class, she was finally forced to meet her friends, no excuses. At the time she was bicycle racing and long distance running and thought this yoga would be boring and a waste of time. “After I finished my first class I knew Bikram Yoga was exactly what I needed!” Lisa experienced amazing body transformation, felt flexible for the first time in her life and stopped having back pain. She knew this was the catalyst for a healthy life. “Bikram Yoga improves every part of my life: I’m happier, more grounded and a better person.” Lisa graduated from teacher training in the spring of 2008, Acapulco, Mexico. “Teaching is how I can share my passion for Bikram Yoga. It is a way to make someone's day or even their life happier. My goal as a teacher is to encourage, support and bring out the best in my students.” 
Outside of the yoga studio Lisa works as a nurse at Marian Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She spends her free time with her husband Ken and son Cooper and loves being out in nature hiking, biking or horseback riding.
Message to you the student: “Everything is transitory. If you’re suffering through a posture relax your breathing and the temporary feeling will pass. Listen to your body. The only class you'll regret is the class you didn't go to. Life is so much more enjoyable if you take care of yourself. Ask for exactly what you want in life and be very clear - You deserve it! Remember to be kind to yourself and keep choosing the things that will make you feel better each day. Keep coming to Bikram Yoga and everything else falls into place.” Outside of the yoga studio

Lisa Starr is currently not instructing any classes.