Bikram Hot Yoga

At Bikram Yoga SLO, we teach the original hot yoga method familiar to a multitude of yoga practitioners: Bikram yoga. The classic series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is an intelligently developed yoga system accessible to a wide variety of people. Over the years we have seen up close the powerful effects on health, mobility and well being that regular practice of this series offers to students of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life. The practice of Bikram yoga helps develop discipline, self-awareness and an overall sense of well being. The series of poses systematically strengthens, stretches, and brings balance to the body. It is appropriate for beginners, but is still challenging for seasoned yoga practitioners.body, using heat to stretch deeper, prevent injury, and flush unwanted toxins. Bikram yoga will systematically restore health, strength, and flexibility to every muscle, joint, bone, tendon, gland, and organ of your body.

We offer the entire Bikram series in two formats: 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The 90 minute class is the traditional Bikram yoga class, and it is an excellent foundation for a strong, sustainable yoga practice. The 60 minute class follows the same sequence in an abbreviated format; we realize that sometimes an hour for yoga is what will fit into your schedule!

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